BASIS will support OpenJDK and Oracle's Java

BASIS supports OpenJDK in order to offer our customers an alternative to Oracle’s fee-based Java JVM. OpenJDK will be free of charge. Running BBj with OpenJDK requires an ongoing SAM maintenance contract.

BBj can be installed and tested with OpenJDK 11 as well as under Oracle’s Java JDK 11 starting with version 18.20. The BBj Nightly Builds have been available for testing with Java 11 since September 2018. Every BBj user can make all the necessary preparations in advance for the switch to OpenJDK or to be prepared for future versions of Java.

OpenJDK was previously available as a community version of Java and is preinstalled on many Linux distributions. At or the linked page anyone – including commercial users – can get the current, powerful Java download for free.

Since OpenJDK is a version, unlike Oracle’s Java, that can be individually modified and recompiled in individual subprojects, an ongoing SAM maintenance contract is required for operating BBj with OpenJDK. This ensures that there is always a BBj version that matches the current version of OpenJDK. When using Oracle’s JDK, the known mechanism with the possible update of bootstrap.jar remains unchanged even without running the SAM maintenance plan. Please watch for future announcements from Oracle and BASIS on the topic.


Oracle’s Java 2019

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