die neue BASIS Lösung für Business-SMS SMS Gateway Short message. Big Effect. a solution from BASIS for Business-SMS

Automate the sending of text messages via SMS and messenger service with the SMS gateway cost-effective and DSGVO-compliant. The device makes you independent of the availability of Internet, WLAN or mail servers.

In summer 2020, BASIS Europe acquired the SMS Gateway from Braintower Technologies. The market-leading hardware SMS gateway in the German-speaking region is characterized by technology Made in Germany and sophisticated monitoring & reporting. Under the new brand name, BASIS intends to further expand the functionality of its new business SMS solution and intensify international sales of the SMS gateway.

business SMS Services: safe and reliable

The server failure, the air-conditioning malfunction message, the temporary code for logging in, the shipping confirmation, the reminder of the workshop appointment the next morning – short messages support company processes effectively and reliably and have many advantages in communication with customers, employees and suppliers.
In fact, SMS attract the attention of users much more than emails. Sending SMS is also particularly reliable because it works even with poor data connections, and every cell phone can receive and send SMS without any additional apps.

SMS sending with the SMS gateway

Technically, SMS sending is particularly secure and cost-effective with a private SMS gateway such as, which is available as a desktop and rack edition. offers interfaces to common standard software applications, especially monitoring and authentication systems, and can be easily integrated into other systems.
The functional scope of includes email-to-SMS, monitoring, routing, Outlook plug-in and the use of the Telegram messenger service. A plug-in for sending SMS from BBj applications is also already available in a first version. Detailed information at

Desktop Extended Edition DX1

Rack Extended Edition RX2

The SMS gateway at a glance:

  • Reliable
    The SMS gateway sends SMS messages from every IT system. It is independent from internet, WiFi, mail servers and cloud services, it will also work when the internet is down.
  • Effective
    Every cell phone can receive SMS regardless of its operating system and the apps installed on it.
    Easily automate the sending of SMS messages via HTTP API and email.
  • Cost-effective
    You retain cost control. With your own brevis. one SMS gateway and the appropriate subscription for a SIM card, you can even save consequential amounts of money compared to SMS cloud providers.
  • Compliant with data protection and privacy laws
    With a brevis. one SMS gateway you can send your messages in compliance with data protection. The communication is via HTTPS. Your valuable data is transmitted directly and securely from the device to the mobile network without the involvement of other 3rd parties (like cloud providers).

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