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A warm virtual invitation!

Ideas for the future—this is the theme of our virtual BASIS TechCon. In four webinars, we showed you how proven BBj solutions merge with new technologies and how you can make your business future-ready.
These webinars also include highlights of the BASIS TechCon conference, where the BBj developer community came together for a week in Las Vegas in fall 2019.
The webinars are accessible in German, French and English. The registration link, or the link to the video if the webinar has already taken place, can be found on our BASIS Europe YouTube channel.


The latest on installation and deployment:
From Java Webstart to replication in BASIS Cloud

A lot has been happening on the Java front: Webstart is no longer necessary—OpenJDK can be used instead of Oracle Java, which will in future be subject to charge. New paths link PRO/5 with BBj and enable new features such as better protection of valuable data with BBx Replication and the BASIS Cloud. The contents of the webinar include:

  • Support for current and upcoming versions of Java
  • What is happening to Webstart?
  • Changes in Java Classloader
  • Garbage collection
  • Interaction between Pro/5 and BBj
  • BBx Replication
  • BASIS Cloud


BBjGridExWidget: Proven grid control with enhanced features — now editable

The well-established plug-in comes with BBj 2.0, offering enhanced features and support for editing data.

  • Introduction to the BBjGridExWidget plug-in
  • Enhanced features: Ad-hoc charts, filters and pivot tables.
  • Pricing and maintenance of enhanced features
  • Editing own data in the new grid
  • Getting started: What you need to know as a developer


The pathway to modern software architecture with BBj:
The BusinessComponents model

BASIS BusinessComponents offers a structured process model consisting of recommendations for your future development work. The BusinessComponents model allows you to profit straight away and even more so in the future through our modules and libraries.

  • What is BusinessComponents?
  • BusinessComponents: The link between old and new
  • BasisComponents as a suitable library
  • The new Barista as runtime engine for BusinessComponents
  • Suitable BASIS BBj modules and plug-ins.


Native apps and progressive web apps for smartphone and tablet with BBj and BASIS modules

Mobile apps can often be useful additions to your established application. Whether in warehousing, production or sales, BASIS modules help realize smartphone apps at low cost!

  • Always up to date, offline and online
  • The technology behind the BASIS modules
  • How do I program to use these modules?
  • BBj MobileCRM
  • Logistics apps with BBj