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Release BBj 19.0: Highlights

Our new release 19.0 offers many clever enhancements of our BBj development tools. This release is fully compatible with Oracle’s Java 11 and OpenJDK Java 11. We have selected a few of the most exciting highlights for you.

BBj plug-ins: useful BBj extensions on demand

BASIS has been offering BBj plug-ins since 2018. These facilitate the extension of BBj with the latest features and function blocks. Most BBj plug-ins are open source solutions and are maintained separately from the BBj release cycle.

BASIS will support OpenJDK

BASIS will support OpenJDK moving forward in order to offer our customers an alternative to Oracle’s fee-based Java JVM. OpenJDK will be free of charge. Running BBj with OpenJDK requires an ongoing SAM maintenance contract.

Changes around Java

Here you will find information about Oracle’s changes forJava. Webstart and Java FX are no longer included in the Oracle installation package and some will be charged. We looked at it carefully and put together clever solutions for BBj