Our roots are in Business BASIC

A development environment for Business BASIC was the first product BASIS launched following its foundation in 1985. We are proud that BBj, our current software, offers upgrade paths for all previous BASIS technology generations, as well as for other languages such as Thoroughbred Basic, ProvideX and /M/A/I OpenBASIC. Since 2000, the BBj software offers developers a set of tools that are optimized for business software and that is based entirely on Java. It combines Java’s future-proof technology with a large pool of proven best practice solutions for a multitude of business processes.

Our roots in Business BASIC allow you to continue using the BBj or Java code from your existing application, giving you modern functionality without the need to replace your old Business BASIC applications completely.

Future-proof solutions with BBj

Customer portals, EDI, cloud services, and mobile solutions; the demands on modern software solutions keep on growing. Complete web capability and user-friendly user interfaces are becoming the norm. BBj’s service-oriented architecture, based on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), makes application-oriented development with Microservices easy. This enables developers to write very flexible customer-specific software solutions. Although BBj gives you the same advantages as Java – flexibility, scalability and platform independence – the BBj code is clearer and simpler, saving you time when you program new business applications.

It’s as simple as that: Business BASIC becomes BBj

It is normally very easy to migrate to BBj from PRO/5 or another Business BASIC dialect, such as /M/A/I OpenBASIC, Thoroughbred, or ProvideX. BASIS provides you with specific tools that allow you to convert PRO/5 code to BBj automatically. These tools work in about 99.5% of all PRO/5 applications without causing any problems. BASIS Europe offers free testing of your application to ensure that this is the case. We offer additional support if any further steps are required. All you need to do after the conversion is to install Java and BBj, copy your application data, and that’s it. The conversion process takes less than an hour in many cases.

You can take it step by step – exactly as you like it

You can also benefit from BBj’s advantages even if you have no intention of replacing all of your PRO/5 applications immediately because BASIS makes sure that all our product families continue to be permanently compatible with each other. This allows you to upgrade only the software modules that will benefit most from a conversion to BBj and, for as long as you and your customer think that is the best solution, leave the rest as it is.

Our offer for PRO/5 users

About 99.5% of all PRO/5 applications can be converted to BBj automatically. We will test your application for free to check if that is the case.

BBj has many advantages for Business BASIC users

We are happy to describe the many advantages BBj offers Business BASIC users. They include for instance:
  • Cloud computing with BBj: BBj ’s architecture and range of functions make it the perfect toolbox for programming and operating cloud applications.
  • Generate reports with a simple click: BBj comes with an integrated reporting tool that allows you to design WYSIWYG reports that can be generated with a simple click.
  • Build relational databases from your legacy tables: BBj makes it easy to access standard databases, such as MySQL, Oracle, etc. BBj also offers a special “treat” by allowing external applications to directly access your legacy data via ODBC or JDBC, simply by “translating” your tables into “real” database tables in real-time and without you having to write a single line of code.
» Our roots in Business BASIC allow you to continue using the BBj or Java code from your existing application, giving you modern functionality without the need to replace your old Business BASIC applications. «
  • New GUI for BASIC: Give your applications a modern, more stylish, graphical user interface that is more convenient for your users. Go beyond the limits of the 80 x 25 ASCII screens and make use of the extra space and clarity offered by modern large format display monitors. The user-friendliness and acceptance of modern user interfaces are important sales arguments. CIOs save both time and money needed for user training.
  • Compliance: You are unable to get an ISO certificate for your quality management if you still use an old ASCII application that does not allow a proper risk assessment. A BBj upgrade will solve this problem. In addition, BBj’s role-based security model gives you the ability to make your application Sarbanes/Oxley compliant with just a few clicks.
  • BBj makes life easy for your young programmers: Finding new developers for your team is much easier with BBj because Java is a worldwide software standard. Young developers with a modern education are usually familiar with Java and/or Visual Basic and can very quickly find their way into BBj, but it might take them considerably longer to come to grips with Business BASIC. It will only take a few days for them to work productively with BBj – more than ever before.