BBj Plug-Ins for more development flexibility

BASIS has been offering BBj Plug-Ins since 2018. These facilitate the extension of BBj with the latest features and function blocks. Most BBj Plug-Ins are open source solutions and are maintained separately from the BBj release cycle. In the past, all utilities, such as JasperReports, dashboards, or mail libraries were supplied with the BBj installation, installed, and hence updated. Now, within certain fairly wide limits, Plug-Ins can be installed and updated across different BBj versions.

BASIS Plug-Ins are open source

All available plug-ins can be accessed via The “Getting Started” guide on the website will give you detailed instructions on how to install and use the Plug-In from BBj Version 18 onwards.

All BASIS Plug-Ins are hosted in source code on GitHub at However, there are some parts where, due to external license regulations, the source code cannot be published. In these cases, the core of these parts continues to be implemented in BBj itself.

The GitHub repository of Plug-Ins also contains some examples intended to help you understand the concept of the Plug-Ins and how to apply them yourself. This will enable you to develop your own Plug-Ins and make them available to the community. The Plug-In manager in BBj not only allows you to install Plug-Ins from the GitHub area that is hosted by BASIS, but also from your own sources.

Get involved!

We welcome your contributions to BBj Plug-Ins! Have you developed a bug fix or implemented a function that is missing for your application? Then we would love you to make the changes you made to the code available to all BBj customers and send a pull request. Expand the capabilities of the BBj software and benefit from working with the BBj community.