BASIS Support

Our customer service for BBj and BBx

Our support team is here to support BASIS customers with any issues relating to installing and using our BBj and BBx products, working with the BBj programming language, as well as licensing and registration. 

Our staff speaks German, English and French.

email: eu.support@basis.cloud *
phone: +49 681 96814-40
* We respond with an automated confirmation to all emailed support requests, which will provide you with your ticket number.

BASIS uses the “TeamViewer” tool for remote maintenance. It gives us direct access to your desktop or server. All you have to do is run a small application locally, for which you do not need any installation or administrator rights. Simply click on one of the symbols below to install TeamViewer:

Download and install TeamViewer for Windows or Mac OS.
More detailed information about TeamViewer (use, security issues, FAQs) is available in the Support section of the TeamViewer website.

BASIS Support logs all requests in a tracking system and assigns an ID number to each one. BASIS then tracks all entries logged in the system until the issue has been resolved.

Please always provide the following information:

  • Product serial number(s)
  • Product name
  • Version number
  • Contact details: name, company, telephone number, fax and/or email address.
  • Please describe the issue in as much detail as possible, any error messages, and TCB(10) values. Isolate the code section or function in which the error occurred, if you can, and provide us with details of the variables accessed.


The following information can also assist us in giving you the most helpful
answers possible:

  • The operating system, version?
  • Which JRE version to you use with BBj?
  • Can you replicate the error, or does it only occur sporadically?
  • Does the error occur only on a specific computer or with a particular user?
  • Does the error occur with a new installation?
  • Do you think the problem might have something to do with the network connections? If so, please give us detailed information about your network.

Please use the File-Upload… form to send us any files.