BASIS Mentoring Services

Fast help with knowledge gaps

Sometimes the quickest way to achieve what you want is simply asking someone who knows the subject inside out. Someone with whose knowledge you can take a giant step forward in just a few hours, rather than having to spend days getting to grips with the subject, or needing a training course. This is precisely what BASIS Mentoring Services does.
It complements BASIS Professional Services with small, low-cost flat-rate consultancy and training packages booked for a single defined subject at a time. This gives you immediate access to our know-how without the need to request a quote first, saving both you and us a lot of time.

Up to 4 hours individual advice or training on a subject of your choice

The BASIS Mentoring Service offers developers up to 4 hours of individual support in the form of advice, coding or training packages that can be accessed either online or by telephone. The BASIS Mentoring Service assists our customers and partners with using BASIS tools to develop their own IT solutions. It goes well beyond what a conventional support service has to offer.

One subject – One price

The low-cost flat-rate BASIS Mentoring Package offers you up to 4 hours individual advice or training on a subject of your choice, either online or by telephone.

BASIS Mentoring Packages: One subject – One price

Examples of BASIS Mentoring Package subjects include:
  • Briefing on individual BASIS tools
  • BBj: use of databases
  • BBj: web service integration
  • BBj: designing interfaces with CSS
  • BBj: performance analysis