BBj 19.0:
Overview of the most important enhancements

Our new release 19.0 offers many clever enhancements of our BBj development tools. This release is fully compatible with Oracle’s Java 11 and OpenJDK Java 11. For a comprehensive list of all of the new features in version 19.0 for BBj® and Barista® Application Framework see here.

We have selected the most important highlights of release BBj 19.0 for you:

New XCALL Server

We have integrated the new XCALL server into BBjServices, which delivers more robust functionality, and making it even easier to configure in Enterprise Manager.

New WYSIWYG Editor

A new Chromium-based WYSIWYG Editor (BBjHtmlEdit Control) is available with superior HTML5, CSS and JavaScript performance. That eliminates the need for Java FX or Open FX.

BBjHTMLView with Chromium Engine

The new option CHROMIUM_HTMLVIEW within BBjHTMLView Control offers faster performance and more functionality than the JAVAFX_HTMLVIEW and doesn’t require the installation of additional libraries when running BBj under Java 11.

BASIS supports Oracle’s free-based Java 11 as well as OpenJDK 11:

BASIS supports Oracle’s fee-based Java 11 as well as OpenJDK 11, free of charge. Running BBj with OpenJDK requires an ongoing SAM maintenance contract.

Convenient Filtering in Enterprise Manager

The new feature of filtering in various EM panels makes it easier to locate, e.g. entries especially in long lists, and use the wealth of system administration information.

Enhanced WindowBuilder

We added numerous efficiencies to WindowBuilder such as the ability to change the same property across multiple controls simultaneously.

Improved Dashboard Widget Functionality

See two of the many new features for designing dashboard widgets in building blocks and utilities:

  • We improved the flexibility of dashboard widgets with the ability to create your own custom popup menus and right-click controls.
  • Dashboard widgets now display JasperReports without the toolbar improving their visibility. The toolbar is still offered with a right-click.

Better Dashboard Error Handling

The Dashboard Utility now by default continues program execution when a widget has a problem querying the data, displaying the problem description in the widget where possible instead of just halting with an error. Error handling is controlled by the new array FillErrorAction on dashboard, dashboard category or individual widget level.

More Options in Labeling Charts

We enhanced ChartWidgets by offering more control over label aspects such as formatting, positioning, color, font styles, and markers, resulting in nicer-looking, more informative charts to facilitate better decision making.

In April 2019, BASIS International released BBj® and Barista® version 19.0. For a comprehensive list of all of the new features see here