Getting Started


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You can get started with BBj in just three easy steps:

Step 1:
First, you need the software. Select the required package on the download page. For beginners, we recommend the "BBj + Barista + BASIS IDE + Demos" package. It contains everything you need to evaluate and test the product.

Step 2:
Select your free developer licence. You can choose between a demo licence which is valid for 30 days and a DVK licence which is valid for one year. By downloading the package, you'll automatically get the demo licence. If the demo licence is sufficient for you then you can skip step 2 ("DVK licence (free)"). Both licenses offer the unrestricted functionality of BBj.

Tip: It costs nothing to ask. If you have any problems, our support team will be happy to help. Even during the test phase.

Step 3:
Download the beginner tutorials "Your First Steps in BBj" and "How to design your first Barista application" and familiarize yourself with the basic architecture and philosophy of the BASIS products. The installation and configuration of the framework is explained in "Your first steps in BBj".





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