Success Stories

A Picture is Worth 1,000 Woods

Patrick Schnur, Marketing/PR

“Say ‘Cheese’!” If you are on a walk in the forest and see a truck driver taking pictures of the logs loaded on his truck with his smartphone, don’t be alarmed. This man probably does not have an overly affectionate relationship with his load. Rather, his snapshots serve a very tangible economic purpose.

CarIT Integrates a ‘New Model’ With BBj

Wimco Driesse, CIO Audev BV
For nearly 15 years, Audev’s CarIT has been the software application of choice for many car dealerships throughout the Netherlands, Germany, Bulgaria, and Mexico. Its power and popularity primarily lie in its two main modules; the Dealer Management System (DMS) that manages all administrative tasks in the dealerships, and the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module, which addresses all marketing-related activities.

Streamlining Communications at Stam Car Dealerships

Patrick Schnur, Marketing/PR
These are challenging times for car dealerships. The management of Stam Groep, who runs 13 car dealerships, several gas stations, and car workshops in the Netherlands, decided to win a competitive edge by investing in better communications. BASIS partner CASE-TM supplied a number of state-of-the-art mobile solutions to do just that. But first, CASE took care of Stam’s legacy ERP system.

Prodin Blends BASIS With Chocolate for Sweet Success

Patrick Schnur, Marketing/PR

The Hilversum-based BASIS partner Prodin Business Solutions, founded in 1975 as InfoStore Nederland B.V., has a history of delivering software development and tailormade professional services for customers in the Netherlands and beyond, reaching back to the days of MAI. But that legacy is nothing compared to the tradition that their customer Stollwerck has in its DNA.

EMS Prescribes BUI to Reduce Healthcare Expenses

Susan Darling, Technical/Marketing Writer
Rising costs are plaguing most industries across the country. Even in the healthcare world, with reform around the corner, the need to reduce costs is growing as fast as the unknown future that looms over the horizon. For one insurance payor, the BASIS browser user interface (BUI) was the clear answer, providing a solution that not only accomplished their goals of accessibility, but helped deliver tremendous cost-cutting savings.

Electronic Patient Files For Nursery Homes

Patrick Schnur, Marketing/PR
Heimbas, a leader in the German nursing-home software market, services more than 700 customers. Development of the Heimbas solution began in 1988 followed by its first Windows release in 1995, based on Visual PRO/5®.