Key Benefits

BBj is more than just an IDE or an API library. It also provides its own language and a runtime environment with real 3-tier architecture.

This has many benefits for developers:


With BBj, you can develop intuitive graphical interfaces for web and desktop with the same source code.
Simple event control with BBj own-language elements such as setCallback and process_events.
  Design patterns, such as MVC for interfaces, can be created effortlessly.
  Many details of the language are optimized for business applications as standard for example numeric values are automatically rounded to the correct value.
  Your applications are server based and can be displayed in one of the supplied thin clients, without you having to do anything.
  Thanks to Global Namespace, your application can respond to events in other processes in an event-controlled manner. This enables real-time updates without polling.
  BBj comes with its own SQL DBMS, however, it also works together with all other SQL databases such as Oracle, mySQL, PostgreSQL, etc.
  Java updates no longer make BASIS customers lose their cool. BASIS promptly takes care of the necessary customizations so that you can work unhindered and focus on your application logic.
  BBj is scalable and suits both niche solutions with a small number of users as well as high-performance multi-server solutions with several thousand users.
  Due to the built-in 3-tier architecture of the runtime environment, BBj applications are fast and easy to deploy in on-site servers, virtualized servers, or in the cloud.
  In every BBj program you can use any Java resources such as JDBC, web services, third-party libraries, and existing Java code.
  The object-oriented, dynamic BBj scripting language has an easy-to-learn syntax. Programmers with experience in Java or other modern languages get the hang of it just as easily and quickly as programmers with a background in xBase, COBOL, or Business BASIC.