Write less code, achieve more. BBj provides everything you need to develop even more productive competitive business applications.


The BASIS framework comes with an integrated 3-tier architecture. The data storage, business logic, and presentation layers are always logically separated, with no input required from the programmer.

The BBj development environment has proven itself for 15 years on the market. It is designed specifically for ISVs and IT departments seeking to meet the needs of B-to-B users within minimal development time frames, and with minimal maintenance, deployment, and operation costs.

BBj is a complete development and runtime environment consisting of a toolset, dynamic scripting language and a framework for server-based implementation.
Effizient arbeiten As standard, the BBj tools provide solutions for recurring tasks that arise during the development of business software. This makes your work even more efficient.
Ihr Weg When it comes to the designing of software architecture and business logic, BBj does not dictate any specific working methodology to you. You decide how you work – with the flexibility and exact degree of automation you need.
 BBj für die JVM BBj is based on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and inherits all the advantages of Java: BBj applications can be easily scaled and used on all modern operating system environments and hardware platforms.
 BBj arbeitet mit der Eclipse IDE Eclipse is used as an IDE. It is integrated via BBj plugins.
 Datenbank: beliebig For complete software lifecycle management, free tools and add-ons are available for development, debugging, version management, testing, business process management, UML modelling, etc.
 Utilities und Bibliotheken werden mitgeliefert BBj comes with many utilities and libraries that save programming time and make the user's life easier, such as: Reporting with JasperReports, integration with office solutions, email, PDF generation, provision and consumption of web services, and much more.
BBj unterstützt IPV6 Since the release of BBj 11.x (2011), BASIC supports the IPV6 protocol.
 BBj für moderne Entwicklungsparadigmen BBj is open to all modern development paradigms such as Agile development, Scrum, XP, etc.
Migrationstools von BASIS Migration tools further complement the BBj toolkit. These tools easily convert UI elements and/or source code from other programming environments to BBj format.