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For beginners: Please fill out this form if you want to receive a free DVK licence. By downloading the software (step 1) you have already acquired a demo licence (valid for 30 days). The only difference is that the DVK licence is valid for one year. If the demo licence is sufficient for you then you can skip step 2.

Update and renewal of DVK licences

DVK licences are valid for one year. After one year, they may be extended by re-registering.

DVK licences can be updated to the latest product version at any time. Simply download the latest product version and re-register the serial number and authorization number. After downloading, the DVK licence is activated on your system.

Please contact us if you want to install the licence on a new system. We will then reset the activation counter.

If you would like to install the license on a second computer, or make one available to a colleague (which we would especially encourage), please request another DVK license.


DVK licences may not be resold or used as production licences. They are meant only for development, demonstration, and evaluation purposes. The resale, rental, or use of a free DVK licence in a production system constitutes a violation of the licence conditions.

For multi-user systems or other specific system requirements, we offer special DVK/NFR licences. To find out more, call +49 681 96814-0.