BBx Replication schützt sicher vor Ransomware Future-Proof BASIS Solution for your Data Safety

BBx Replication Protects you from Encryption Trojans and Ransomware

BBx Replication Protects you from Encryption Trojans and Ransomware

Numerous domestic and international companies are affected by encryption trojans and ransomware every year. These malicious software programs spread like viruses and encrypt the hard drives of affected servers and workstations. Victims are often requested to pay a ransom – most often anonymously by Bitcoin-transaction – in order to receive the encryption key to restore their data.

This is how the BASIS Module BBx Replication protects your software:

  • By implementing BBj replication, a shadow copy for each database table and file on disk is created on a second server, in the Cloud, or in a safe BASIS data center. This shadow copy is typically up to date within the fraction of a second and serves as a permanent backup.
  • As ransomware affects your environment, BBj recognizes the problem and immediately stops the replication process. The copy of your valuable data remains in the last unaffected version.
  • Optionally: BASIS offers an emergency environment in our own data center allowing you to continue your business operations while your own infrastructure is unavailable.

If you’re interested in BBx Replication or other cloud offerings from BASIS, please contact us. We will work with you on a data security concept that takes into account all current threats to your software infrastructure.

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