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General Terms & Conditions for Training Courses

Conditions for participation in the BASIS Europe Distribution GmbH training courses, Nell-Breuning-Allee 6, 66115 Saarbrücken.

1. Scope of Applicability

1.1 Participation in all BASIS courses is subject exclusively to the following course provisions of BASIS Europe Distribution GmbH, in so far as not otherwise agreed to expressly in writing.

1.2 The course provisions shall apply without regard to the location of the respective course offered.

1.3 The general terms and conditions of BASIS Europe Distribution GmbH shall apply as a supplement to these conditions.

2. Registration for the Training Course

2.1 The Online Form on the BASIS web site is used to register for a training course. Registration by telephone shall not be considered as such.

2.2 BASIS will confirm receipt of the registration within one business day of its reception. Confirmation of receipt is a non-binding notification and does not grant a claim for participation in the corresponding course.

2.3 Course registrations will be processed in the order in which they are received by BASIS and may only be revoked up to the time point, when BASIS has confirmed participation by email or fax.

2.4 BASIS will either confirm participation, or deny such with specification of cause, at least 14 days prior to the beginning of the course.

2.5 Registration shall become ineffective upon denial.

2.6 Registration shall become contractually binding for both parties upon confirmation of the registration.

2.7 With regard to short-term registrations (fewer than 14 days prior to the course), the confirmation, or denial, of participation may become contractually binding without prior confirmation of reception and within a brief time period.

2.8 Registration must include specification of the participant’s name. However, an alternate participant may also be named prior to the beginning of the course.

3. Cancellation of the Registration

3.1 The registration may be withdrawn free of charge at any time prior to the confirmation of participation by BASIS.

3.2 After confirmation of participation by BASIS, the registration may be cancelled by the participant free of charge up to 14 days before the beginning of the course.

3.3 If the registration is cancelled by the participant later than that point in time, BASIS may charge a course fee of 50%, in so far as not otherwise agreed previously in writing.

3.4 In the event of non-participation without cancellation, BASIS may charge the full course fee.

4. Compensation & Due Date

4.1 In so far as not otherwise agreed to in writing, the indicated prices shall apply for all courses.

4.2 The indicated prices are net prices plus the legally required value-added tax.

4.3 These course fees include services that have been listed in the description of the respective course.

4.4 BASIS shall invoice the course fee after the course.

4.5 The invoices are due upon receipt.

5. Causes of Exclusion

5.1 BASIS retains the right to exclude individual participations without reimbursement of the course fees from the course:

a) if the participant’s conduct effectively endangers the achievement of the course goals by the other participants.

b) if the participant uses the course as a platform for marketing products that compete with BASIS products or obviously intends to do so.

6. Cancellation of the Course

6.1 BASIS retains the right to cancel courses due to cancellation of the course teacher or because of low participation even on short notice.

6.2 BASIS will immediately inform the participants upon indication of the circumstances that cause the cancellation and make every effort to offer an alternate course at another time.

6.3 If it is not possible for the participant to participate in the alternate course, BASIS will reimburse the course fees that have already been paid.

6.4 Reimbursement of expenses for travel arrangements, re-scheduling, cancellations and other costs and damages that arise from the cancellation of the course is excluded in this case.

7. Liability and Guarantee

7.1 BASIS shall not be liable for any potential damages that arise from the rejection of a participant pursuant to Paragraph 5.1 or from the cancellation of a course in accordance with Paragraphs 6.1 through 6.3.

7.2 BASIS retains the right to adjust the course contents to current developments without a claim for withdrawal of the registration arising from such adjustments.

7.3 The statements about BASIS products made as part of a course shall not be considered as assured properties and do not thereby establish any claims of liability or guarantee with regard to those products.

7.4 BASIS shall not be liable for damages that arise from the application by the participant of the content transferred in the course.

7.5 BASIS shall be liable for damages that arise to objects and devices brought with the participants only to the extent regulated in the general terms and conditions of BASIS Europe Distribution.

7.6 The participant shall be guarantee BASIS for damages according to the legal provisions.

7.7 The participant shall guarantee BASIS for damages to the course computers and the data losses that are traced back to the usage of disallowed software to their full extent.

7.8 Reimbursement of the course fees after (partial) participation in the course is excluded.

BASIS Europe Distribution GmbH
Version: December 2011