Implement BBj Cloud Solutions With Third-Party Providers

Patrick Schnur, Marketing/PR
BBj is completely cloud-ready. In the BBj runtime environment you can display your application data and logic easily on on-site servers, in the cloud, or in mixed environments, while users access them from any location or device.

The cloud offers many opportunities for ISVs – from test resources to backup facilities (replication) to the opening up of new marketing channels for their own applications.

Together with our partners, BASIS has developed the following easy-introduction BBj plus cloud solutions:

BBjCloud from Germany

Together with a German-based hosting partner, we have put together a comprehensive offer that is tailored exactly to the needs of BASIS customers.

The BBjCloud is designed to meet the typical requirements of commercial software. It provides optimal access speed, the convenience of a one-stop solution, and security for your customer's data, which is continuously backed up using the latest technology.

The offer includes initial implementation of the development environment and your application by the BASIS support team, who will also provide continuous support for your dealings with the BASIS software and cloud, as well as installing the most up-to-date versions of BBj and Barista on the server for you as required.

The cloud licenses are harmonized with the BBj software licenses and offer the same terms, billing cycles, and notice periods, allowing you to stay independent and flexible. Your contracting partner is BASIS Europe.

Further information: BASIS Europe Sales, Tel. +49 681 96814-0, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Amazon Web Services

The Transformer AMI is available to you in the AWS Marketplace. This is the BASIS product suite that is preinstalled on an AMI (64-bit Amazon Machine Image) – ready for your applications, data, and custom configuration.

The BASIS product suite consists of BBj, the Barista RAD tool, and the AddonSoftware ERP system.

Also included on the Transformer AMI are Duplicity as a backup solution for your data and Nagios for system monitoring.

For questions regarding adjustments to the configuration to meet your specific requirements, please contact the BASIS support team who are always happy to help. Your contracting partner is Amazon.

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