Rapid Application Development

Barista™ is the fully database-driven application framework from BASIS. Barista opens up new avenues for rapid development of business applications.



Based on an existing database, Barista instantly creates attractive and user-friendly MDI applications with interactive forms, drill downs, column sorting, and much more.

The package includes a complete menu system with sophisticated user management, and tools for designing and controlling multi-language applications.

Role-based permissions management and auditing capabilities are also included and will prepare you for ISO 27001 compliance.

BASIS has integrated the Java-based reporting engine JasperReports for the convenient and flexible designing of reports from BBj/Barista. iReport is available for designing, viewing, and printing your reports, and exporting them into various file formats.

Despite the convenient and comprehensive framework, the programmer retains their flexibility. The automatically generated application can be extended on an event basis with additional business logic, either Java or BBj code.

Barista is also often used as a prototyping tool.